• How To Utilize The 1-2-3 Succeed Program

    If you are an educator, you are on the front line of the current mental health crisis among school age children. You have witnessed first hand the increased stress, anxiety, and emotional suffering caused by Covid and its impact on young people. Even prior to the current crisis, you were well aware of the great number of students with leaning difficulties, mental health disorders, or harsh life circumstances like poverty, abuse, violence, bullying, and family problems (just to name a few) that negatively impact on their motivation for learning, school behavior, and grades. 

    If you are a school counselor or administrator, every day you go to work and do your best to meet the needs of your students, particularly those frequent flyers who are regularly sent down to your office and take up 80% of your time and energy. While there are no easy solutions to the challenges your students face, you employ all the skills, strategies, and resources you possess with the hope of making a difference in their lives. 

    In response to the current mental health crisis and the needs of many compromised students, the 1-2-3 Succeed Program and all its accompanying materials are provided at zero cost to anyone who may benefit from it.   

    The 1-2-3 Succeed Program can teach your students the motivation and study skills essential for school success and empower their parents to take a lead role in their child’s education. While it was designed to benefit all students, it is most essential for underachieving and at-risk students (your frequent flyers).  This includes students with ADHD, learning disabilities, mental health conditions, and other life difficulties that negatively impact their school performance. 

    You are encouraged to utilize the 1-2-3 Succeed Program as a resource for your community. You can do so in the following ways: 

    • You can refer students and parents to 123succeed.com and encourage them to view and utilize the program on their own.
    • Your school counselors and child study team members can facilitate the program through their existing individual or group counseling services.
    • Your 504/I&RS committee members can incorporate the program into their referral/intervention protocol.
    • Your school counselors or other qualified faculty members can use the Relationship Centered Parenting portion of the program to facilitate parent workshops.
    • Your teachers (particularly resource room and special education) can facilitate the program through classroom lessons.
    • Your administrators can incorporate the 1-2-3 Succeed program into their disciplinary responses by having students complete the program during detention or as a condition of their suspension.
    • Your “Freshmen Academy Program” advisors can incorporate the program into their freshmen orientation.
    • If for some reason you are uncomfortable using the program directly as presented on this website, you are welcome to disregard its copyright, download the content, and use the information in whatever way you think is best for your school community.

    To determine if the 1-2-3 Succeed Program is a worthy resource, preview the student and parent content on this website. By doing so you will gain a clear understanding of the program and its potential benefit to your school community. 

    In addition to the zero cost content provided on this website, we offer a 1 or 2 day (for fee) training seminar titled, Helping the Capable but Unmotivated and Resistant Student. This training is intended for all staff members working with underachieving and at-risk students, including teachers, guidance counselors, child study team members, and administrators. Participants will learn the core principles and strategies of the 1-2-3 Succeed Program and how to utilize the program to enhance CST/504/I&RS interventions, student counseling sessions, parent meetings, and disciplinary actions.

    For additional information regarding our training seminar, related fees, and scheduling, contact us by clicking the button below.

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    Bernard Ivin, the author of Relationship Centered Parenting, The 1-2-3 Succeed Program, and The Essential Guide to Mental Health Services,  is the owner and clinical director of Strength for Change counseling services, with offices in Mt. Arlington and Wayne NJ. He and his team of associates specialize in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and treat a variety of mental health conditions.